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Car Camera Manta MM310 FullHD Black-Box Black

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Κατασκευαστής MANTA
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Car Camera Manta MM310 FullHD Black-Box Black


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Car Camera Manta MM310 FullHD Black-Box BlackCar Camera Manta MM310 FullHD Black-Box Black

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Small video cameras installed at the windscreen have gradually become an essential piece of equipment in every car. The source of their popularity seems obvious - a recorded video of the course of road incidents facilitates further identification of the cause of collision, crash or accident. Such video materials help drivers save their time, nerves and money. The latest device from Manta has a compact construction while maintaining its functionality and wide range of customisation opportunities. The car video camera can be easily and quickly mounted at the windscreen with a sucker to record all incidents along the road. A G-sensor guarantees that the camera eye will not miss any potentially dangerous events. In case of overload related e.g. to sudden braking, one can be sure that the device will both register the event and save its course to prevent unauthorised overwriting. An additional movement sensor will take care of the device memory resources and will start recording only after detecting a movement. A 1.5 inch LCD display will ensure optimum quality of the recorded materials preview. Embedded lenses with the resolution of Full HD 1080p, 720p and VGA 480p allow for high quality recording while preserving many details such as number plates. A uniquely wide angle of vision of 120° and rotary grip make focusing easy and the camera lens can be directed not only towards the car bonnet. An integrated memory card reader supports flash drives up to 32 GB. Manta MM310 is additionally equipped with and automatic switch on/off function and date display. The camera is supplied independently with a 250 mAh lithium-ion battery but can also be connected to the car socket (12 V).
Κατασκευαστής MANTA
Κάμερα MP 1.3 MP
Κάρτα Μνήμης microSD
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