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YA XUN AK03 microscope GSM Service

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YA XUN AK03 microscope GSM Service

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YA XUN AK03 microscope GSM ServiceYA XUN AK03 microscope GSM Service

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Optical stereoscopic microscope YX-AK03 is designed for the production of small and precise work, as well as for the inspection of small parts in the workshop and laboratory. Specifications: Microscope Type: stereoscopic / tools; nozzle Type: Binocular; Working distance, mm: 83; Interpupillary distance, mm: 54-76; Linear field of view, mm: 10 or 5; The stage, mm: 72; Eyepiece diopter correction, D: + 5 / -5; Illumination: Halogen; Power supply: 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz; Packing: box with foam protective frame; The angle eyepiece attachment: 45 °; Purpose: applied research; Location highlights: combined; Working methods: bright field. Features: Bright stereo image with a wide field of view; Convenient 45-degree slope of the eyepiece; The ability to adjust the left eyepiece diopter within 5; Adjustable inter-pupillary distance in the range 55-75mm; Lens with switchable increase x2 or x4; Circular external illumination of the working area. Accessories and parts of the microscope: retaining clips; focus knob; screw with union head lamp; bracket; eyepieces; diopter adjustment ring; prism housing; fixing screw; the lens barrel; Light reflected light; Power Switch. Options for lighting: daylight; Light reflected light, 12V / 10W (without lamps refracted light); halogen lamp reflected light, 12V / 10W (without lamps refracted light); both lamps reflected and refracted light, 12V / 10W; while the halogen lamp and the lamp of the reflected light, 12V / 10 watts.

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